Saturday, February 06, 2010

Why so much interest in things “paranormal”?

I guess you could say that since my family’s experience with a Ouija board from 1968 to 1970, I’ve gone out of my way to avoid discussions about anything remotely related to the paranormal, including Ouija boards, angels, demons, ghosts, or spirits. So imagine my surprise when I learned that a lot of people out there have been talking about the paranormal on an ever-increasing frequency while I was holed up in my office banging out my story (“OUIJA – For the Record”). These are some of the sites I’ve found, although I’m sure there are many more:

Official Ouija Board inventor website
Museum of Talking Boards
Ouija Stories
Unexplained Events
Ghost Stories

Some of my readers have been asking what I thought was behind the Ouija board. Since my book was just published, I prefer to let my readers talk amongst themselves about that for awhile. I have heard that some people have read the story twice and have reached a different conclusion each time. So, what was behind the board? Tell me what you think on my Forum.

D. Lynn
P.S. An NYU film student has written a screenplay about a portion of my book that’s due out in March. More on that later.


About “paranormal” whatever allocation you did here really superb. Franky saying…...this is my first time to knowing about paranormal and hopefully i became wiser through this discussion. Thanks mate and keep it up. smile

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on 04/17/12 at 11:04 AM

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