Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Happened to the American International School of Kabul?

While writing “OUIJA – For the Record,” I needed to do some research on the American International School of Kabul (AISK), the school I attended for less than six months in 1969-70.  AISK was an elementary through high school on Darulaman Avenue in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Imagine my surprise when I found the AISK alumni website (http://www.aisk.org/aisk/a199707.html). The AISK campus I attended was built on land made available by the Royal Afghan Government in 1965. When the name American International School of Kabul was proposed, it was argued that one institution could not be American and international at the same time. Although AISK was American in financial backing, control, and basic curriculum, it was very much the purpose of the founders to incorporate the international aspect of education.
The American International School of Kabul no longer exists except in the fond memories of the people who were associated with the school in its brief history (1965 to 1979). AISK ceased to exist in 1979 when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. The country was occupied by the Soviet army until 1989. Instead of financing schools in Afghanistan, the American government provided weapons to the Mujahideen to help them end Soviet occupation.


I didn’t even know that the United States had a presence in Afghanistan prior to recent history. That is definitely news most Americans don’t know.

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