Saturday, April 05, 2014

Thinking Back to 1970

So, now it’s 2014—44 years after we came back from Afghanistan.  I don’t remember much after we arrived back in Vallejo, California.  Our dad took my mom back and we lived in the Casa De Vallejo Hotel until school ended.  My brother Mike never went back to school and instead joined the Air Force.  We moved from Vallejo back to Avondale that year (God knows why!).  I was looking through my files today and ran across a photo of my family that was taken in 1970.  It had been hidden in the folder for five years.  We look like any other family in the photo.  Who would think that we were barely holding it together, having been traumatized by the events of the prior two years involving the Ouija Board. We looked so innocent in the photo.  I’m the one with the pony tails.  Mike wasn’t in the photo.


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