Sunday, June 20, 2010

Short film “For the Record” is Amazing

In mid-May, my husband and I attended the screening of “For the Record,” a short film based on my book. This amazing film was directed by Sarah Rudoy and produced by Kyle Martinez McIntosh. The screenplay, written by Alyssa Kurtzman, captured the central conflict at the heart of my family’s experience with a Ouija board, which is: If you believe you are talking to God, then you are compelled to do whatever it takes to obey him, even if it means leaving your loved ones behind and journeying to a remote country in Asia.

Alyssa’s screenplay distilled the central theme of my 342 page book into a 15 minute film that sensitively conveyed the emotional toll it took on our family. The film’s set was a spot-on recreation of trailer life in the late ‘60s, thanks to production designer William Hopper, and thanks to the editing skills of Andrew Siwoff, a Ouija board spelling out messages was worth watching.

I can’t say enough about the actors who brought our story to the screen: Bob Jaffe (Levoy), Mary Rose Leggio ( Mary), Nicole Maggio (Tricia) and Alexis Molnar (Diana). Their portrayals of my family brought tears to my eyes at the screening.

My special thanks go to Sarah, who handled my family’s story with care and sensitivity. She is an amazing filmmaker! Sarah recently graduated from NYU and now lives in Los Angeles.

D. Lynn


Such an wonderful film, so blessed to be a part of such an amazing story, and bring Tricia to live on screen.

Picture of Nicole Maggio Comment by Nicole Maggio
on 08/15/10 at 10:11 PM

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