About The Book

"OUIJA-For the Record" is a true story set in the chaotic sixties, a decade when the world’s youth violently questioned the legitimacy of any institutionalized authority. The story unfolds in Avondale, Arizona, in May 1968, barely a month after Martin Luther King’s assassination and just days before Bobbie Kennedy’s.

The story is narrated by a thirteen-year-old girl and begins when her mother buys a used Ouija board from the Goodwill store. The board is brought to life by the spirit of a long dead relative who lures the family into the spirit world through a series of accurate predictions. With the door to the spirit world wide open, other spirits reveal that the family’s destiny lies in Afghanistan-a little known country at the time, but predicted to be the battleground for the Biblical Armageddon in the future.

As far-fetched as this is to the family, they eventually accept their destiny and do whatever is necessary to get to Afghanistan. Along the way, their obsession with the board strains relationships with their communities and with each other to the breaking point.

The narrator meticulously records every letter uttered by the board throughout a two-year odyssey that takes her family across three continents and lands them in Kabul. As she journeys from childhood to adolescence along the way, she struggles to balance her need to believe with a growing suspicion that she may not survive the destiny in store for her.